This is the website of Alan Fielden.

I am a writer, theatre maker, artist, and lecturer in Playwriting at the University of Worcester.

a.d.fielden [at] gmail.com

twitter: @afielden

National Art Service
a fictional organisation
an arts company I run with Jemima Yong

“Collectively they struck me at various times as the children of Forced Entertainment, Punchdrunk, Shunt and maybe even Samuel Beckett” Donald Hutera of The Times on SUN

You Are Already Dead
a 90 minute new ‘writing’ night I ran with Malachy Orozco at Camden People’s Theatre. Next one in the works.

Martin Crimp, June 2012

me, Sophie Grodin, Jemima Yong, Annabelle Stapledon-Crittenden, Malachy Orozco.
ROOM is a co-authorship story-telling method.

“virtual reality without the headset … breathtaking and very original” Vice Motherboard

“a wonderful demonstration of the collaborative act of theatre” Exeunt

99 plays
I wrote one play a day for 99 days.
“Some fantastic work here!” Chris Goode